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Remuda Bar Nitty Gritty for Topeka *GRIT* DNA-CP

KC and ASCA registered


Full dentition, scissor bite, current clear eye certificate Hips 3.7 DOB 02.12.1998

My foundation girl Remuda Bar Nitty Gritty for Topeka was born is quarantine, her mum from Colarado. At 8 weeks old I carried her out of quarantine. She is striking red merle from old foundation bloodlines. Leslie Sorenson (USA) said she is of moderate size, great bone, strong head, efficient mover, wonderful character, calm and accepting. Naturally wanted to be with her owner. She qualified to work A & B in competitive obedience, qualified for Crufts 2002, 2003 at her one and only show each year. Grit has produced three wonderful litters. She is a marvellous mum, accepting all visitors to our home who came to see her and babies from day one. Grit has now retired from maternal duties and competitive obedience, she is a bit of a couch potato although she still likes to dabble a bit in the obedience training, especially when the tuggy comes out !

Pictures taken april 09,Photo credit Hanna-Mari Laitala

photo credit Linda Whyman

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