Topeka Australian Shepherds
Having a blast
Obedience Champion Topeka Railroad Stitch OW DNA-CP
Remuda Top'R Mity El Mono for Topeka OW
Topeka Huron River Blue's OW Bex Aex Nov Ex
Puppies born 23.01.19
Stockyard Australian Shepherds
Puppies due 25th November 2017
Topeka River Sunset
Topeka River Styx
Topeka Rocky River
Farwest x Monkey
Topeka Justasilver Storm
Justus in a Flash x Remuda Top'R Mity El Mono for Topeka
Crufts 2011
Our Special Day!
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started 28.10.09
ASCA sheep trial 2014
Remuda Bar Nitty Gritty for Topeka *GRIT* DNA-CP
Xander x Grit
Skid x Grit
Reno x Grit
Rainbow Bridge
Topeka La Rubia Rojo
Keep Smiling Australian Shepherds (Germany)
Topeka Chilla Rojo
Lakewater Australian Shepherds (Germany)
Topeka Arena Rojo
Remuda Australian Shepherds (UK)

Skid x Grit

Brynelen Brewers Yeast x Remuda Bar Nitty Gritty for Topeka

Born 10th May 2005
2 Dogs 4 Bitches

Topeka Ruby Melbury Beacon

Full dentition, scissor bite. Current clear eye certificate. Hips 4.4
Thank you Sarian and Andrew for giving Tui a fantastic life and home. I know you just love her.

As promised, here are some photos of Tui and me doing cani-cross. We came 7th out of 15 in our class (23 mins for 5km) ... which isn't bad considering it was for 13 to 39 year olds and I'm definitely at the top end of that category ;-). Hopefully next time (in Bristol in December)

Sarian with Tui

Topeka Ruby Blue

Full dentition, scissor bite. Current clear eye certificate. Hips 3.4
Kiwi is loved and owned by Louisa Henry
Thank you for giving Kiwi a fantastic home.

Topeka Ruby Mountain Bear

Full dentition, scissor bite. both testicles retained, now castrated

Bear is owned and loved by Denise Parker.
Thank you Denise for giving this boy a wonderful home, I am sure you need another ???? :)

Topeka Ruby Red Dress

Bonnie is owned and loved by Celene and Craig McIntyre in Argyll.
Thanks for giving Bonnie a great home:)

Topeka Ruby Va Va Voom

Meg is loved and owned by Carol and Julian and lives in Dorset, this is what Julian says about Miss Meg:)
Meg is a year old. She settled in very quickly and has become a fabulous pet. She is very obedient.If the rest of the litter are up to her standard of intelligence and character their respective owners must be as delighted as we are. Speedy is her nature, she never stops running, playing,vyeing for 1st place and loves to stand on her hind legs. All in all she is a hell of a character and we love her to bits. She helped fill a great void that was created with the loss of our other two Aussies.
Thank you Carol and Julian for giving Meg a brilliant home.

Topeka Ruby Mountain High

Love and owned by Sandra Broadhead, competes in obedience but spends most of his life being kissed and cuddled. Great with all the grandkids.

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