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Topeka News Updates and General Blog

08.02.13 Bandit, Shoshoni and Monkey, clear eye certificate

02.09.12 Topeka Justasilver Star 1st *A* Litchfield DTS judge Stephanie Woolam
02.09.12 Topeka Justasilver Storm 1st Novice Litchfield judge .....
27.08.12 Topeka Justasilver Star 1st *A* Wakefield DTS judge Sue Ison
27.08.12 Topeka Justasilver Storm 1st Novice Wakefield DTS judge Jenny Alderson
11.08.12 Topeka Justasilver Storm 2nd novice judge Mick Tozer
11.08.12 Topeka Justasilver Star  1st *A* Woburn 1st *A* judge Viv Oakey
30.06.12 Topeka Justasilver Star  2nd *A* Chadkirk DTC judge Chris Parkin Novice
17.06.12 Topeka Justasilver Star  1st Novice Preston & Fylde judge Karen Wakelin
10.06.12 Topeka Justasilver Star 1st Novice St Marys DTC judge Margo Lewis

22.02.12 Monkey and Faith PRA clear/normal

22.02.12 Faith receives a clear CEA result from Optigen, Thanks to Val Tiller for organsing

January 2012 Monkey receives her Obedience Warrant

Monkey wins C at Thurrock under judge Tony Liddle,needs one more qualifier for ticket October 2011

Stitch win c at Elm Park 2011 judge Diane Cobon

Stitch wins C at St Helens in July 2011- Herbie Watson

17.01.2011 York Show 2nd place in C under Julie Rowlands

10.04.2011 3rd in C under John Patella

18.09.10 Stitch wins his 3rd ticket at Birmingham GSD Association under judge Kim Inness

08.08.10 Jo and Faith win novice at Newton Health Show, and 2nd in novice yesterday.

05.09.10 Stitch gets 3rd in Ticket at East Killbride

01.09.2010 Shoshoni, Bandit and Shilo recieved their ASCA registrations

14.08.10 Monkey wins open C at Govan, thats the hard one!!

31.08.10 Stitch and I compete in Charity C at Wakefield, judge Jackie Muir

08.08.2010 Faith wins novice at Newton Heath

25.07.10 Stitch gets 2nd in Open C at Middlesbrough DTC

18.07.10 Monkey gets 6th in open c at St Helen's DTC

08.05.2010 Stitch gets reserve ticket at Wirral Championship Show, Judge Roy Page. Thank you

03.05.10 Faith gets 3rd in Novice and 6th in A at Ripon Obedience Show

02.05.10 Faith gets her Silver Good Citizen to go with her bronze

01.05.2010 Stitch wins open C at Burnbank, jusdge Peter Height, Thank you

27.04.10 Pups clear eye test

18.04.2010 Stitch won his 2nd ticket at Knightwood under Elaine Weelands ,Thank you

10.04.10 Chilla gave birth to 9 healthy puppies ( in Germany)

12.03.2010 Stitch came 6th in the Obedience Championships at Crufts

10.03.2010 5 surviving puppies. 4 boys & 1 girls

09.03.2010 Had a great entertaining evening in Manchester with Cesar Millan.........Cool Guy:):)

20.02.10 Susanne Jaffa course,, Great day

05.02.10 Monkey scanned at 5 pups.

11.01.10 Returned from our trip to France, thank you to Anne for looking after Monkey and to Karen for being supportive. Driving 840 miles !!!

31.12.09 photos of Tui in the snow up in Scotland last week. It was well wintry and we were out walking ... the one of her skirts covered in snow balls happened when we were out in a blizzard in about 1 foot of snow :-).

01.12.09 Have got tickets to go see Cesar Millan .

01.12.09 Monkey recieved her Australain Shepherd Club of America Registration.

30.11.09 Monkey nearly managed a full C round, What a larfffff:):) She is just so clever.

30.11.09 Stitch won C under Judge Shirley Clowes at the GSD Club of the UK

29.11.09 Chilla won another Obediece 2 class on Saturday and finished her O2-title!

04.11.2009 Stitch and Monkey recieved Clear Eye Certificates

01.11.09 Stitch won Special Working Dog Class and got 4th in Open at NASA's first Champshow. Monkey stayed at home, she had lost her clothes!!!

29.10.09 Love this picture of Sully on his holidays in the Lake District

Hi Sue,

More good news: Chilla won class 2 on Saturday with the highest score of the day (275,5/320 points - excellent) and is now allowed to compete in FCI-class 3!

Thank you again for this amazing little girl!


Hi Nicole, Chilla is a credit to your training:) Dont forget the picture of the gal working?
Granny Sue 27.10.09


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