Topeka Australian Shepherds
Having a blast
Obedience Champion Topeka Railroad Stitch OW DNA-CP
Remuda Top'R Mity El Mono for Topeka OW
Topeka Huron River Blue's OW Bex Aex Nov Ex
Puppies born 23.01.19
Stockyard Australian Shepherds
Puppies due 25th November 2017
Topeka River Sunset
Topeka River Styx
Topeka Rocky River
Farwest x Monkey
Topeka Justasilver Storm
Justus in a Flash x Remuda Top'R Mity El Mono for Topeka
Crufts 2011
Our Special Day!
Topeka News Updates and General Blog
started 28.10.09
ASCA sheep trial 2014
Remuda Bar Nitty Gritty for Topeka *GRIT* DNA-CP
Xander x Grit
Skid x Grit
Reno x Grit
Rainbow Bridge
Topeka La Rubia Rojo
Keep Smiling Australian Shepherds (Germany)
Topeka Chilla Rojo
Lakewater Australian Shepherds (Germany)
Topeka Arena Rojo
Remuda Australian Shepherds (UK)

Xander x Grit

Lyveden Niraya Nagayo x Remuda Bar Nitty Gritty for Topeka

Topeka Chilla Rojo CHR BH AD 01 DNA-CP

Lakewater Australian Shepherds

A huge thank you to Nicole and Uwe for giving Chilla a wonderful home and opportunity to showcase these wonderful dogs. I wish you every success with this wonderful girl:)......granny Sue
Tail:long Bite:complete scissors
Eyes:clear (April 20, 2009)Hips:A1 Elbows:0/0 Patella Luxation:free CEA/CH Test:normal
prcd-PRA Test: normal Hereditary Cataract Mutation: clear MDR1:+/+ (not affected)
KC, CASD, ASCA registered
5,21 % (10 Gen.)red bi 51 cm 17,5 kg

This is Taylor 6 months old daughter of Chilla, ownned and loved by Nicole

Topeka Nacida Ser Rojo

Bronze and Silver GC
Hips 4-2 elbows 0-0 Full dentition scissor bite PRA & CEA Normal/Clear. MDR-1 Normal/Normal CLEAR of the hereditary cataract mutation. Current clear eye certificate 05.11.2011

Topeka Arena Rojo for Remuda

Remuda Australain Shepherds

A big thank you to Linda Whyman for giving Rena a wonderfull home. Rena was going to be Linda's next generation of Remuda's but before she lost her puppy teeth it was evident that Rena sadly had gone undershot, but Linda loved her, so kept her as a companion to herself and her other Aussies :)
Hips 8:8 CEA Clear, current Clear eye certificate
Photo credit : Linda Whyman taken 18.01.10

Topeka Pintura Rojo

Pinto as a young dog, loved and owned by Val Tate, competing in obedience

Topeka Trueno Rojo

Tinto was owned and loved by Tracy Ainsworth, and worked competitive obedience where is future was sure to be successful with Tracy's love and devotion, but suddenly and without warning Tinto died of a heart attack diagnosed from the vet in August 2009. That little dog left behind him broken hearts. We all loved that boy. Granny Sue

Topeka La Rubia Rojo

Owned and loved by Regina Wendel Germany of Keep Smiling Australian Shepherds

Born: January 20, 2007 Colour: Red w/w
Eyes: Amber height: 51 cm : 18 kg COI: 5,2% MDR1: +/- cataract free, HD/ED: A1/0(Dr. Wurster) ASCA/KC (FCI): registered

Topeka Chispa Rojo

Kiwi is Owned and loved by Martin and Carri, who emigrated to Australia in 2008

Topeka Poco Rojo

Suni is loved and owned by Mike and Rob.Suni is pick puppy dog from this litter.......:) He is absolutely gorgeous. If you get fed up with him, just bring him back.
Grandma Sue
Below is Suni and new friend Jamie 26.10.09

Topeka Ocasa Rojo

Louise and Razzle represented Class "A" at Crufts 2012.
Full dentition scissor bite, Hips 5:6 Current clear eye certificate
Owned and loved by Louise and Andy Jackson and Daughter Bryony

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