Topeka Australian Shepherds
Having a blast
Obedience Champion Topeka Railroad Stitch OW DNA-CP
Remuda Top'R Mity El Mono for Topeka OW
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Puppies born 23.01.19
Stockyard Australian Shepherds
Puppies due 25th November 2017
Topeka River Sunset
Topeka River Styx
Topeka Rocky River
Farwest x Monkey
Topeka Justasilver Storm
Justus in a Flash x Remuda Top'R Mity El Mono for Topeka
Crufts 2011
Our Special Day!
Topeka News Updates and General Blog
started 28.10.09
ASCA sheep trial 2014
Remuda Bar Nitty Gritty for Topeka *GRIT* DNA-CP
Xander x Grit
Skid x Grit
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Rainbow Bridge
Topeka La Rubia Rojo
Keep Smiling Australian Shepherds (Germany)
Topeka Chilla Rojo
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Remuda Australian Shepherds (UK)

Topeka Australian Shepherds

I am no longer breeding Australian Shepherds but thank you for your interest in this site

Etta owned and loved by Hannah Whyman 

Topeka Rocky River owned and loved by Laura Adams

I have owned and lived with Australian Shepherds for 25 years. In 1998 my friend Linda Whyman (Remuda) and myself jointly financed to bring a new bloodline into the UK. Please see Grit on her own page as the foundation of Topeka.
We occasionally breed for progression of our kennel however if you are interested in a puppy from these wonderful working blood lines then you are welcome to contact me.
Enjoy your visit,
Sue Beavers
Tel 07725 373758 or 01904 488829

Having a blast

Me with Roosta gaining 96 points on his first leg of his started sheep title at the ASCA trial.

Making History
UKs first ASCA trial

A huge thank you to Jackie (All Breeds Herding) for making this day possible. Making history in the UK this weekend by holding, organising and training us. Changing stock for every run was I am sure a pain in the bum. Next time we need that Kelpie entered ? Special thanks also must go to Mikael Hageus who is an enthusiastic driving force and a guy to have on side. And I am sure many will know Roy Sage outside of the UK, but we could not have got a more experienced lovely guy, the 2 day clinic was a huge learning curve. I count myself very lucky to have been involved and to have a youngster that will not give up despite of me. I can now sit in a corner staring at a blank wall for the next couple of days to help me come down to earth, A huge congrats to Vikki with Blanche (Roostas sister at 14 months old) and Bandit, Also Liz Hulley and her black gal Pitch and Mandie Gibson and her lovely red gal Kanga. Also a mention to Gail Hodgson for being mine and Vikki's supporter, and having chocolate cake and a cuppa at the ready ...............may have to use your cattle in the future

Topeka Chilla Rojo
front page of Australian Shepherd Magazine in Sweden.

Stitch with his 4th Championship Obedience Certificate
winning at Thurrock Show 2012
Championship Obedience judge= Lorraine Bennett
Photo by Brian McGovern

The 1st home bred OB Champion in the UK

Stitch with his 4th ticket win

Topeka Justasilver Star with her one of many red rossettes, owned and loved by Jo Brammel. Qualified "C" only

Photo credit Chris Parkin

Topeka Ruby Melbury Beacon

ASCA Breed Standard

Stitch wins his 3rd Ticket under judge Kim Innes on 18.09.10 at Birmingahm GSD Association

Stitch with his 2nd Ticket Win at Knightswood Show 18th April 2010 Judge Elaine Weelands

Stitch gets reserve ticket at Wirral Champ Show 8th May 2010 judge Roy Page. Thank You

Monkey with brother Gryph taken as youngsters:)

Topeka Chilla Rojo, picture credit Isabelle Becker.

Topeka Ruby Melbury Beacon, picture by Sarian Harcome, Tui's mum

photo credit Sue Ellis

photo by mummy Jo Morley

photo by mummy Linda

Fit for Function

In York, Yorkshire.

photo credit Hanna-Mari Laitala

below: Stitch at Birmingham Champ show this year.
Photo credit Gwen Oakes

Monkey Headshot April 09 photo credit Hanna-Mari Laitala

3 Generations

Monkey in August 2008 . Photo Linda Whyman

Statement re so called Miniature Australian Shepherds

So called *Miniature Australian Shepherds* have been imported into the country. ASCA the original parent club of the Australian Shepherd and the largest single breed registry in the world and USASA (The American Kennel Club registered parent club) does *not recognise* these. The Australian Shepherd does *NOT* have VARIETIES. These *should* not be registered as Australian Shepherds with the K.C. either on the breed register or the activity / working register because they are NOT Australian Shepherds and do NOT hold Australian Shepherd registration papers with either the AKC or ASCA
Under no circumstances will any dog owned, co-owned or bred by Topeka Australian Shepherds be sold for use in a so called miniature breeding program as we firmly believe these breeds to be two separate, individual breeds and do not advocate cross breeding.

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